Walter Miller

 Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin,           Harmonica, Percussion, Bass

 Phil Hatchett

   Vocals, Guitar,

Dackel plays Rockin' Americana Blues music.  We started in 2009.   We chose "Dackel" (German cute name for Dachshund) as a band name in honor of our original song "Year of the Dog".     Dackel is part of the North Carolina Songwriter's Coop.  We have performed live on WHUP radio (Hillsborough), at the Festival for the Eno, Centerfest,  the Artwalk in Durham; Come Out and Play sculpture show, Pittsboro; Carrboro Music Festival; Duke Homestead; Muddy Creek Music Festival; Lexington Flea Market; Coffeehouses in Raleigh and Durham; Beer Durham, Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse; Magnolia Glen Senior Living Center in Raleigh; Orange County Respite Care; Rose Manor Nursing Home;  Bluenote Grill; and private parties.  â€‹We've recorded one CD " Year of the Dackel" and plan to release a new CD in early 2018 featuring an updated version of "Year of the Dog" (2018 is another Year of the Dog) 

2018 is the year of the dog, so Dackel will perform the song at every concert we play this year.  We finished recording the new CD "Look Out Here Comes the Dackel" and will be mastering the recordings starting February 24th, 2018.   We hope to release the CD in late Spring.  The Cd features one cover song, one traditional song and the rest (as many as 16 tune) written by the band members.    "Rose Tatoo" (a new song that won't be on the CD) has been added to the website's playlist under the "music" tab.

About Dackel

Sunday February  25th

Songwriters Co-op Meeting Southern Rail - Carrboro

Saturday April 14th

Festival of Legends

Apex, NC

performing covers & more than 50 songs written by the band.

​     Rockin' Americana Blues​

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